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Orion Fredericks was first inspired by a variety of materials while attending the University of Alfred in NY. This inspiration led to producing bodies of work at Pillchuck Glass School in Washington, where he worked and continued to hone his craft. Fredericks then became the first studio manager and volunteer coordinator at The Crucible, where he helped to bring to life the vision of industrial education for the community in Oakland, CA. While continuing to teach at the Crucible, he worked as a performance fire sculptor with the group THERM, where he further explored “the voice of the flame” by night. By day, he was exploring it’s counter-element of water through monumental fountains for civic and private installation. He has continued to further collaborate with other industrial artists and has been creating his own series of work for over 17 years.


Orion has shown at various venues all over the U.S., small and large gathering events, music events, private showings, and commissioned civic installations since 1999.


“I am manifesting physical space that supports the experience of relearning language.

I want to provide you with the opportunity of returning to a point in life where you do not remember the effects of our culture in the shaping of how we “normally see.”  For me, this point is primordial and timeless – a place of metaphysical observance and clarity of our own cosmic birth.”

-Orion Fredericks


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