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“Exsuscitare Traiectus” After burn update

Well, I would like to thank all of you that have made “Exsuscitare Traiectus” possible!!
It was quite a push to make this piece happen, before and on the playa.
And hence I am gathering resources to get the rewards out to all of you by the end of October. Those of you who will receive a token of passage will also get free tickets to any event the piece shows at next.

With a crew of 11 peeps, we activated “Exsuscitare Traiectus” on August 24th, at a slow 1 rpm. Once the systems were checked we cranked it up to 11 rpm, and introduced high pressure propane and water. The effect was …how do you say…legendary, if not for just to revel in the moment, but inspirational with ideas to increase the elemental effect ten fold.

Satisfied with our testing we left the sculpture running at a slow 3 rpm for the night.

The following day I returned to the piece not running. Upon inspection, I discovered that the two 900 lb stainless rings had some how “jumped” their guide wheels. I then stepped away from the piece to contemplate, how to reset them with no heavy equipment and how that could have happened in the first place. Just then I saw two disturbing forms of “interaction” with the sculpture. The first, was people biking up the bridge at high speed unaware of people walking up the bridge from the opposite direction. The other was people climbing on the outside of the bridge to stand on the rings face, and try to “treadmill, or hippy-hamster” the rings into motion. Well, this was unexpected to say the least. It did not surprise me however to see people climbing on the exterior of the structure, however, this still made me feel uncomfortable knowing that regardless of what state of mind these people were in, I was ultimately liable.

That evening, a plan was made.
With the work truck pulled up tight to the piece, we welded on hippy repellent spikes on the outside of the lower portion of the bridge to limit, and hopefully frighten people who would otherwise put their feet on the rings. Then we put signs on T-stakes on either side of the bridge to discourage bike traffic, which read “don’t climb, stay on bridge. As soon as our modifications where done, a crew of peeps showed up to watch or help the sculpture reactivate. With 10 people per side we lifted each one of the rings back into their guides, made some adjustments and turned the sculpture back on. Satisfied that our modifications where sufficient the crew enjoyed their evening, or at least three hours of it before dawn.

Upon arrival in the morning, the sculpture was static, I could not believe my eyes. A woman was trying to “hippy-hamster”, barefoot in-between the spikes we had welded there the night before. Frustrated that our efforts were in vain, a new plan need to be made. A, physical”lock down” of the rings, to ensure that we could elementally activate the piece when we wanted to..(sunset shows). This however meant that the rings would not counter rotate unattended. A serious bummer poopies for me, but revealing none the less, the eager, blind interactivity the participants at this event where experiencing the piece with.

The crew and I reset the rings daily, as well as fabricate a new key component that will be used as a model for upgrades on the piece. Allot of hard work was done out there by the crew and I am eternally grateful to them and to all of you who have enabled this piece into being. I am really excited to perform with this piece again with all of the new upgrades and evolvements of structure.

Since my return I have seen images of the piece in the L.A. Times, Rolling Stone, and Wired.

I am still gathering images and video that I will put on my website soon.

Again thank you all so much and check for dates on “Exsuscitare Traiectus” next showing!!